Airline Policies and Accommodations

We are reaching out to the airlines to understand their policies and accommodations, if any, for families traveling with autistic children. We will continue to reach out to the airlines and update the information on the site as we receive it.

We are asking all the airlines the same questions:

  1. Does the airline want to know that you are traveling with an autistic child/individual?
  2. Does the airline provide special accommodations for the autistic traveler?
  3. Does the airline offer special check in accommodations–such as a separate line?
  4. Does the airline offer early or priority boarding?
  5. Does the airline offer priority seating options?
  6. Does the airline offer priority lines at security check points for individuals/families traveling with an autistic child/adult?
  7. Would the airline be interested in educating their flight crew on the disability in case they have an individual with autism on board a flight?

Finally, we are allowing the airlines to share any additional information that they believe would be helpful for families to know about their airline practices and policies.

Airline Responses


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