American Airlines Response

1. Does the airline want to know that you are traveling with an autistic child/individual?

American Airlines provides accommodations for travelers considered disabled according to Federal regulations (“disabled”), including autistic individuals who are disabled and require special assistance. In order for airport personnel to be prepared to provide assistance to disabled travelers, we recommend passengers advise us in advance. Customers may call American Airlines Reservations at 1-800-433-7300 any time before their travel date to let us know about special needs situations. Reservations Agents are trained to document a customer’s record, making the necessary information available to agents at the airport. Additionally, we recommend that disabled passengers requiring special assistance identify themselves to an agent when they arrive at the airport.

2. Does the airline provide special accommodations for the autistic traveler?

American Airlines offers accommodations for disabled customers, including autistic travelers who are disabled. These accommodations may include seating assignments, assistance enplaning or deplaning, and making flight connections between gates.

3. Does the airline offer special check in accommodations–such as a separate line?

Although we do not offer a separate line, autistic customers who are disabled may be escorted to the front of the line for check-in assistance, if needed.

4. Does the airline offer early or priority boarding?

Yes, if the individual’s autism causes him/her to be disabled and pre-boarding assistance is needed, American is happy to accommodate upon request.

5. Does the airline offer priority seating options?

Yes, there are seats on board that are blocked for disabled passengers with special needs and they may be provided upon request by either reservations or airport personnel.

6. Does the airline offer priority lines at security check points for individuals/families traveling with an autistic child/adult?

No, American Airlines does not offer priority lines at security check points for disabled customers.

7. Would the airline be interested in educating their flight crew on the disability in case they have an individual with autism on board a flight?

Our flight crews are compassionate to customers with all types of disabilities and strive to provide the best on-board experience possible.

Additional Information:

American Airlines and American Eagle provide assistance to customers with cognitive or developmental disabilities. If an autistic traveler falls into either of these categories, the airline is willing to make all necessary accommodations to make their travel more comfortable and convenient. Details for customers with disabilities are available on or by calling American Airlines Reservations.