JetBlue Response

1. Does the airline want to know that you are traveling with an autistic child/individual?

JetBlue wants to know how we can best assist the family traveling to ensure they have a JetBlue Experience.

2. Does the airline provide special accommodations for the autistic traveler?

JetBlue is happy to help families with autistic travelers that self-identify and communicate their needs. Our efforts will be to assist as best we can and to do all we can to provide the support they need.

3. Does the airline offer special check in accommodations–such as a separate line?

JetBlue does not currently have a designated line for check-in. Customers can communicate through our Specials Services Team the accommodations needed and our crew members can assist in the check-in process as requested.

4. Does the airline offer early or priority boarding?

JetBlue offers silent boarding prior to our other customers if the customer notifies us and requests the services.

5. Does the airline offer priority seating options?

JetBlue would offer special seating accommodations as requested and communicated to JetBlue by the customer.

6. Does the airline offer priority lines at security check points for individuals/families traveling with an autistic child/adult?

JetBlue does not have special lines through security at this time. When customers self-identify as special services needed, our crew members will do all they can to assist.

7. Would the airline be interested in educating their flight crew on the disability in case they have an individual with autism on board a flight?


Additional information:

JetBlue has a focus on families traveling with autistic children. It is called Wings for Autism and it took place at the Boston Airport on Saturday, November 19. There is heightened awareness in the works to educate our crew members about autism and to educate our customers to help us be of assistance to them.