Travel Products

Always start by setting objectives…the focus is to find products that will entertain your child during travel “down time.” Down time could range from waiting in an airport or a restaurant to simply powering down after a day of touring or at the beach.

These five points will guide you in your search for appropriate travel products:

  1. Self Contained
  2. Not Messy
  3. Completable
  4. Travel Sized
  5. Affordable

Self Contained

The travel activity should have everything you need in one kit–you don’t want to find yourself searching for a hobby store or shopping for batteries while on vacation. The activity should have it’s own container — that is you don’t want to open up a product with lots of small pieces only to find that you have nothing to repackage or store it in for the rest of your trip.

Not Messy

Let’s face it you have to leave the painting and glitter glue arts and crafts behind unless you are willing to leave a large tip or buy the condo you rent while on vacation! There are several wonderful, “non messy” alternatives not to mention safe and washable products on the market so this really isn’t as difficult as it sounds.


Think about the amount of “down time” you will have and try to select activities that can be completed while on your trip. This will give your child a sense of accomplishment. This also gives you the option of leaving it behind or disposing of it — as long as your child is ok with that and it isn’t meant to be a keepsake.

Travel Sized

The product might seem like a wonderful travel size activity until you realize that once it is opened and the activity is completed you actually have a huge model or finished craft on your hand. Study the packaging and be sure that the finished product (if it is something your child will be making) is a reasonable travel size and one that won’t break easily–this is a challenge which is why we avoid intricate craft projects.


Yes let’s not forget that you should try to avoid expensive products that you will regret losing or leaving behind while traveling. For those activities that have a beginning and an end–you might want the option of intentionally leaving them behind to lighten the load of your suitcase–remember we always take carry on baggage which adds another dimension to selecting the activity!

Product Ideas

Please share your product ideas by emailing us at or signing our guest book.

We have many product ideas and will continue to add to this list.

Here are some of our favorites:

Word Games

  • Word search books OR the electronic version: Einstein Touch Word Search by Excalibur Electronics, Inc. (be sure to bring extra batteries!)
  • Bananagrams scrabble like word tiles come in a banana shaped zip lock bag. Depending on your child’s abilities you can use the tiles to make words, play matching games or the family could play the game together.
  • White Board– a travel size white board with low odor wipe off markers can be used to play hangman or a variety of writing/word games


  • Mess Free Water Wow Doodle Books : Elmer’s Products, Inc.
  • Crayola Mess free Color Wonder Books/Markers
  • White Board— this can be for coloring too
  • Color By Number Activities: Alex offers simple activities …or check out

Critical Thinking

Your child with autism has a wonderful sense of curiosity and even the most complicated games can be customized to fit your child’s ability…


Remember, can’t be messy!!!

  • Lego: stick to kits that are small and have instructions and bring a zip lock plastic bag for the parts and instructions
  • Crafters Plastic Lacing: